■ What is the total fees Payable?
● For the Film making certificate course, the fee you are required to pay is Rs. 16,000/- (inclusive of all taxes). For attend workshop you have to pay amount as per mentioned on Courses.
■ How can I get a copy of my payment receipt?
● The payment receipt will be emailed to you. 
 What are the different modes of payment?
● You can pay your fees via Cash Deposit, NEFT, Net-banking, DD, or cheque.
■ Can I pay the fees in instalments?
● Currently, we do not have a facility that allows the fees to be paid in instalments.
■ Can I get the fees refunded if I decide not to continue with the course?
● Once your Roll Number ( Registration Number ) is generated, the fees cannot be refunded. However, if you are facing other issues, you can e-mail us on info@iftaindia.in 
■ What are the cancellation terms?
● Enrollment can only be cancelled if the Roll Number ( Registration Number ) has not been generated.
■ I forgot my Roll number, how do I proceed?
● You can write an email to info@iftaindia.in, we will resend your roll number to your registered Mobile number.
■ Which devices are supported? What is the process of watching tutorials
● You can access IFTA ( Digifilming tutorials ) from computers, tablets and mobile phones that run on Android, Windows and iOS. We will send unlisted private youtube links every week. You can easily play it on your Mobile, Tab, Laptops or Desktop computers.
■ How can I get the tutorials 
● After registration you will get one or more tutorial video links per week. We will provide every basic details of film making ( semester wise ) through Audio-Video tutorials by Mr. samar K. Mukherjee. 
■ If I do not understand anything then how can I know about it ?
● You may ask question through whatsapp or email. Our team will give you proper response. Don’t worry we will provide almost all solution wich can be possible in online course. 
■ Do I download the videos?
● Yes … but you should not share to anybody ( Video links or complete video ) because all our tutorial videos are copyrighted. You can watch our tutorials multiple times without internet ( offline ) after downloading them. Be care that These videos are only for them who have their own IFTA registration number. 
■ Is there any scope for Practicals
● Yes after completion the course you can come to Mumbai centre ( optional ) within 6 months for two days combined practical programme. We will not charge for that but you have to manage all other expense like traveling, staying and food. 
■ When is the course complete?
● Once you have taken all the semester wise tutorials in the course and have cleared online exam that means you have completed the course.
■ How do I receive my certificates?
● Once you complete the course, you will receive an certificate in your email within a week. 
■ What is the duration of the course?
● The duration of the course is 6 Months but you will get all course tutorial videos within 3 to 4 months.
■ Can I complete the course sooner than 6 months ?
● Yes, it is possible to complete the course before 6 Months. However, as the course is designed as a 6 Months course, it is recommended that you complete the course in the stipulated time period.
■ If I complete the course earlier, when do I receive the certificates?
● The certificates will be sent as soon as you complete the course.
■ What is the scope of placement after completing this course?
● This is not a placement oriented course. However this course gives you a strong foundation regarding different areas of filmmaking, hence you will be equipped with an advantage when it comes to knowledge about filmmaking. Furthermore you can create your own short film, documentary or full length feature film that will serve as a show reel you can pitch while looking to work on live projects. The IFTA faculty will help in assessing the work created by you and will give feedback for improvements.
■ Why does the video lecture keep pausing?
● This happens when there is slow data transfer. To enjoy an uninterrupted lecture, you can pause the lecture for some time and wait for more, or all of it to load.